Child Protection Policy




A child is defined as a person under the age of 18 (The child Act 1989) 


1. All our photographers who take pictures of under 18’s will be Criminal Records Board accredited.


2. A copy of their CRB Certificates are available upon request.


3. On no occasion shall our photographers have sole access to children.


4. Our photographers shall only use verbal commands for setting up posed photographs.


5. Children’s photographs loaded onto our website will be password protected


6. If a password is not known and access is required to the site, then under no condition will the password be given out and the requester will be directed to the parent/ carer of the child in question


7. Our photographers will be easily recognisable due to corporate clothing.


8. We do not sell, or give any images of children to any other than the parent / carer of the child who has been photographed without the permission of the parent(s) / carer


9. Pictures will only be taken where children are appropriately dressed for their activity.


10. No pictures will be taken of children in distress or pain.


11. If requested by a carer/parent or child not to take their picture, this is fully complied and all pictures are deleted from the camera immediately.


12. If carer/parent/child request any images removed from our website this is complied with immediately.


13. No personal details ie; name, address or email will be accredited to any image.


14. All images are restricted from being downloaded for copying and image manipulation.


15. Our photographers will not drink alcohol, smoke or use inappropriate language in front of the children.


16. No photographic or image capturing equipment will be used or taken into changing rooms.


In the event of any violation of any of these points or that an accusation is made against any of our photographers or other staff then that person will be immediately suspended until the Police have carried out a full investigation.